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Are you looking for a removal company in West London committed to providing only high-quality service? Look no further. You can rely on MGR removals – we keep our promises and do everything so that you trust us. We also offer additional services such as packing, storage, commercial moving, packing materials and more.

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MGR Removals is of one of the leading moving companies in the UK. We are ready to handle both large and small moves, long- and short-distance, locally in West London, nationally and even abroad.
Our customers can choose from a comprehensive range of commercial and home removal or storage services from MGR Removals. We will:

  • help with the move of the flat, house, office, etc.
  • dismantle and collect your furniture carefully
  • pack your furniture and belongings professionally for storage or transportation
  • provide quality packaging materials

We work with the same level of attention and care to every job from small house moves a few streets away within West London to packing and providing storage for international relocation.



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Living in West London

West London is an area in the western part of central London, located to the west of the City. It is a fashionable area where the cultural life of the British capital is concentrated. The main part of the iconic landmarks of London is located within West London. There are a lot of theatres, restaurants and whole shopping areas. From morning till night, the streets are full of people, life is constantly bustling here and it sets a pace in which there is no time to look back.

Storage West London

Do you have too many things that take up all the available space? Perhaps you have some furniture that you need to take out of the house as you are doing some renovations and have nowhere to store them? If you can’t fit all your stuff in your house or office, you can resort to a storage unit to keep your possessions. Such a solution is the best when you need extra space for the items you own. Personal storage unit is available for both individuals and businesses. You can store things such as furniture, books, clothes or old office machines. The self storage we offer is the ultimate solution when you want to get rid of stuff from your apartment or office premises, yet you don’t want to throw it away.

Getting more organized – keeping things in the storage unit

Instead of throwing away things you don’t use at the moment, you can put them into the storage unit. A storage unit for keeping things is by far the best option.You can store all the necessary things for a specific period of time. Storage units are a convenient solution for anyone who needs extra space. In addition, you have unlimited access to the things stored in the storage unit. Owing to this, when you realize that you need something immediately, you can simply take it from your storage unit. Plus, you can bring more stuff in until your storage is full. Doing so gives you the convenience of keeping things tidy. As a result, you get free space in your home or in your workplace, and at the same time you are guaranteed that your things will be safely stored.

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