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Over the years, MGR Removals has built a reputation for providing professional removal and storage services in Watford. We want to make every stage of your removal experience as stress-free as possible. What do the clients expect from a removal company? They want the moving company to understand their needs and offer a bespoke removal solution. Our goal is to give every client maximum attention, help make the right decision and perform our job impeccably, in the shortest amount of time possible.

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We offer a wide range of removal services and affordable rates to our customers in Watford. Your moving experience will be as easy as possible with MGR Removals.



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Affordable prices and convenient payment terms;
Transportation of goods all over the United Kingdom and even abroad;
Experienced drivers and workers;
High level of cargo transportation service.
You can use our online service to order all required packing materials. Our company has favourable prices. You can find them on a special page on our website or call the office and our specialist will estimate and consult you on the issues that have arisen.

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Living in Watford

Watford is a small town in England, one of the ten administrative districts of Hertfordshire County. It was in Watford where the films about the famous Harry Potter were shot that made the town very popular among numerous fans of the film. Beautiful locales, various attractions and fresh, wonderful air make this city very welcoming. MGR Removals has helped to a lot of families to move in and out of Watford and the number of our clients in this town is increasing greatly every year.

Storage Watford

Having lived in one place for a long time, we can quickly gather a lot of unnecessary things. In particular, if you are about to start a renovation or planning a house move, you may want to see how much unnecessary stuff you actually keep in your place. Meanwhile, perhaps you’re running a business and you find it more and more difficult to move around the office because there’s some equipment and cardboard boxes with documents stacked everywhere? In both cases, the best thing to do would be to rent a storage warehouse to keep your belongings. If you choose a self-storage unit, you have 24/7 access to your things. What can be stored in self storage?

Store unnecessary things in your individual storage space

The extra space, will come in handy on many occasions. The storage unit for keeping your goods is the perfect idea if you want to store useful things in a secure place. You can access them all the time. New items can be added to your purchased storage unit, or you can take home the ones you need the most. You can store furniture, winter tires, an old bicycle or a company photocopier. 24-hour supervised storage units are great when you don’t know where to keep your belongings. By keeping them in a separate storage unit, you have the opportunity to clear out the clutter in your workplace or house. While at the same time, you will have more free space that you can reorganize as you wish. You choose what you want to store in the storage unit and for how long. On top of that, you can always extend the rental time.

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