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MGR Removals moving company offers a comprehensive range of professional removal services in Maida Vale. We have been helping our clients carry out house and office relocations for many years. The process of moving in Maida Vale is very simple. Our managers perform free calculations of the scale, time and cost of your moving project at your place or by phone. We select a team of movers and a vehicle of suitable capacity for your move, allowing you to complete your move on the planned date for the established price.

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With any move comes the need for disassembly, packaging and subsequent assembly of furniture. This process is quite long, accompanied by hassle and requires a precise execution. Otherwise, it is impossible to avoid damaging expensive things. Therefore, it is best to entrust it to professionals. MGR Removals is a certified expert in the field of transportation within Maida Vale. The company uses special packing methods that make it impossible to damage even fragile items.

Packing materials

Durable and reliable packing materials for moving will help us deliver your belongings to a new place in safety. Here at MGR Removals we also provide moving kits for sale at low prices, guaranteeing high quality! A far more advantageous option is buying packing material in a bundle rather than separately. We have prepared a set of packages for moving flats and houses according to the number of rooms.



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Living in Maida Vale

The Maida Vale district was named after the Battle of Maida (in Calabria) in 1806 between France and England, resulting in the victory of the English. It has a growing popularity both among foreigners and the British themselves. It is a calm, green, very wealthy part of the city, located between Paddington and St. John’s Wood. There are many beautiful buildings, private gardens and squares as well as many restaurants, cafes, especially around Clifton Road and Formosa Street.

Storage Maida Vale

Extra space in your home? Nothing easier!

The self-storage warehouse is a place where you can store your belongings over the years. No more worrying about how to get enough space for old furniture or clothes that you just don’t use anymore. You can have unrestricted access to your items without having to keep them under your roof.

Storage units – what you should know about them

It is likely that at some point you will begin to run out of space. Then you need to think on your own about rental, extra space. Storage units are a great way to store excess belongings. These are usually situated on the outskirts of the bigger cities, and they resemble the basements of modern buildings. Obviously, they are lockable, and most importantly, the items you are storing there are out of sight of the other customers. This type of storage, is designed not only for individuals but also for the companies. Whether by phone or face-to-face, the customer can contact the owner of the storage units and find out the rental details.

Storing things in warehouses for rent – advantages

Storing things, especially if there are a lot of them, is troublesome. Self-storage warehouses offer us most of all:
• the right space, tailored to your needs
• a professional service
• a storage unit that is accessible 24 hours a day, whenever you need it
• safety and comfort of use
• modern and professional solutions
• freedom – clothes, furniture , containers, important documents – use the space as you wish and for whatever you want

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