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When carrying out an office or house move in Kensington, MGR Removals primarily cares about your comfort and the safety of your property. That’s why the range of our relocation services is very wide, including professional advice, packing of personal belongings and marking, loading and unloading, careful transportation, dismantling and packing of furniture, storage, etc.

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The fact that many of our customers use our relocation services again is the best evidence of the highest efficiency of the working methods used. We cannot find a more powerful argument in favour of our competence than high reliability and a loyal price policy! We put maximum effort into each order and achieve the best quality of service. Over the years, we have developed an ideal removal scheme, which allows our clients to save the budget by moving without harm and idle time of the team.

Piano Removals

Transportation of a piano is associated with a huge number of difficulties. It is a rather huge instrument that cannot enter every doorway easily. At the same time, removals of musical instruments require a delicate approach, as well as special transportation conditions. MGR Removals’ specialists will deliver your piano to your destination safely and exactly on time because the transportation of pianos is one of our specialties.



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Living in Kensington

Kensington is one of the most prestigious areas in the western part of central London. A region of embassies and consulates, where at every step you can see some of the most elite pieces of real estate of London. Kensington has a rich past, reflected in the unique architecture and sights of the area. This place is replete with galleries, museums, monuments, theatres, and a great amount of historical heritage.

Storage Kensington

What to do with the unnecessary things? If you have lots of things that are just cluttering up your free space , you can rent a storage unit in a warehouse. A storage unit offers a variety of storage lockers to keep both small and large items you wish to get rid of from your home or office. You don’t have to throw away the things that might be useful or have a sentimental value to you. You can simply put them in a professional storage unit and pick them up again whenever you need it. Perhaps you are moving out or planning a complete renovation and don’t know what you can do with all the items you own? If this is the case, you can also take advantage of our storage lockers.

Move unnecessary items to the storage unit

If you have items that are taking up a lot of space, but still you need them, don’t throw them away! You can store them in a self-storage unit. Such additional storage might come in handy for you on many occasions. If you are leaving and want to sublet your apartment, you can store your essentials, family heirlooms or furniture in it. Also, when you are simply about to move and can’t take all your items at once, you can just store them for a specific period of time in one of the storage units. Self storage is also a great solution for businesses. The dedicated storage units give you the opportunity to keep the office equipment, supplies or even seasonal car tires for the car fleet your company owns. You can fit a variety of things in it.

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