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We are an eco friendly company!

We are always:

  • encouraging our clients (if within the area) to use second hand boxes, which we re-use after
  • using crates instead of carton boxes if possible
  • using reusable covers and blankets.
  • cooperating with environmentally – friendly suppliers.
  • encouraging communication by emails and read messages on screen to determine whether it’s necessary to print them
  • always turning off engines during loading and unloading process

The smallest of gestures today can turn out to be the greatest of actions one could have taken for our planet’s future. At MGR removal we believe that something as simple as planting a tree can regenerate the forests of the future and infuse fresh life into our planet. We have pledged to donate three trees a month for an entire year to Trees for life, a charity that works on the rehabilitation of the Caledonian Forest in Scotland. We take pride in the thought that with our little and humble help and with our client’s support at our side, all the trees we would have donated by the end of 2018 would have offset 6 tonnes of CO2. Join us today in our effort to save the planet and become part of the forests of the future.

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