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MGR Removals – the company like no other moving company in UB1. We provide a first-class service for home and office relocations from UB1 – of any size and at most affordable rates!

The reason why we are different from other movers in UB1 is our amazing staff. Our crew excel in what they do thanks to years of experience, high skills and extensive training. They are amiable people in their 20s and 30s, who pay attention to details and show lots of support and understanding. We know how precious and dear to you are your personal belongings – after all, they are a part of your life. Therefore, we perfectly understand how important it is to you to trust the people who will handle them. We assure that our employers are professional and trustworthy. We are also deeply concerned with good relations between our workers, which ensures a pleasant atmosphere during your move from UB1. We respect your time and money, that’s why we pay so much attention to carrying out our tasks in a punctual and efficient manner. And rest assured that we treat every customer as our priority, regardless of the size of your UB1 – based removal – even if you need to transfer a single item.

Precision, flexibility and reliability – this is our philosophy and trademark. Never before have removals from UB1 been so smooth and enjoyable!

The services we render include, among others, free estimates, packing, providing materials and tools, dismantling and reassembling of furniture and other equipment, securing your belongings during transport, transfer of your belongings from UB1 to any place in the UK and Europe, unpacking. We provide high-quality packing materials, tools, and equipment: double-strength boxes, crates, wrappings, bags, transit blankets, skates, bungees, straps, and so forth. We also provide eco-friendly used materials, and will partially compensate for materials used for your removals if you decide to give them back to us. At our disposal we have vehicles of different sizes (from transit vans to 7,5-ton lorries) so that we can adapt them to the size of your removal. We strive to provide services which are tailor-suited to every removal from UB1, because every removal is different and should be approached individually. If you prefer to take some additional precautions, there is optional insurance available. We don’t charge VAT, and we will readily help you find the best storage solution if you need it.

We have the experience and skills required for office relocations as well, so handling office equipment will be a piece of cake for us.

If you want to entrust your possessions to experts in the UB1 moving industry, please do not hesitate to call us on 0800 511 8833 / 0785 844 4202 or to send a message to We will happily answer all your questions and dispel all the doubts concerning your UB1 – based removal.

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