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Should you ever happen to consider moving to another place, either with your entire household or an office, please remember that MGR Removals in Holborn can provide you with an outstanding service offered by highly trained and well experienced staff. What is more, compared to other removal companies in Holborn, our prices are very competitive and MGR Removals can provide you with a free non obligation quote, which you can obtain by calling 0800 511 8833 or filling in the form online.

MGR Removals offers a variety of services in order to successfully prepare and efficiently conduct you move. These include packing and unpacking services, dismantling and reassembling furniture, transit, single item or upright piano removals. Our services are tailored to your needs and our staff will always be highly responsive to you requests. For instance, should you need some packing materials, you can have those delivered at your place in Holborn. Packing materials consist of different size boxes, bubble wrap, tape and plastic crates and their amount will be corresponding to the size of your move. Moreover, we offer used boxes at half price, which are still of a good quality and environmentally friendly.

When it comes to transit, we provide vans ranging in size, which have a MGR Removals logo and are equipped with necessary tools, as well as satellite navigation. Your possessions will be loaded securely by a member of our Holborn removal team. The furniture and large electronic equipment, such as TV, will additionally be protected using special covers. Similarly, fragile items will be wrapped in quilted blankets, and straps will be used so as to ensure maximum safety. For your peace of mind, your possessions can be insured under MGR Removals insurance policy for goods in transit, which can apply to any move within Europe. Finally, MGR Removals drivers have a broad driving experience and knowledge of traffic, loading and parking restrictions in Holborn and beyond, which can ensure you that the move will be prompt and efficient.

Over the years of professional experience our company has significantly grown in removals industry in Holborn, gaining many customers, who constantly express they satisfaction in their testimonies and through recommendations to their friends. This invaluable recognition has enabled us to develop the best services and thoroughly train our Holborn removals crews. Being proud of it, we will always aim to fulfil requirements of our customers, demonstrating our professional, yet individual approach and exceptional work ethic.

We can assist you with both local removals from or within Holborn and international relocations, but also other jobs such as organising house or office clearances and transporting some possessions to the storage space. Please feel free to contact us calling on: 07858 444 202 or 0800 511 8833, or sending us an email at: with any queries you may have.

Hoping that you enjoyed your visit on our website, we are looking forward to offering you professional help with your removal.

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